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Each year our drivers log over 20 million mile in the U.S. We offer competitive rates for all traffic lanes, and we are able to accommodate special requests; including crucial loads on short notice.

Norsemen uses the latest satellite tracking technology to monitor shipments. This system enables us to provide up-to-the-minute information on the location of every tractor in our fleet.

It is our desire to project a favorable image to the public and to our customers. All of our employees are important and make contributions to project that image.

However, our company’s most important representative for projecting a courteous attitude to the public and for building a positive image for Norsemen is you, the Professional Driver.

We have purchased the best equipment that money can buy. We want you to drive it with pride, be comfortable in it, and feel that you are operating safe equipment.

At Norsemen, we take pride in assuring quality service.

Norsemen developes personal relationships with our customers and employees which in turn allows us to customize our customer’s shipping needs along with our drivers needs.

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